Winmate EAC-PRO

Март 29, 2017

Intel 6th generation-based embedded computer for factory floor, vision systems, surveillance, machine automation, medical imaging and similar (- by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer) Unlike rack-mounts or towers, a cube-shaped computer / Box PC can go pretty much anywhere. Most such industrial Box PC measure roughly 8 x 8 x 8 inches and weigh 10-12 pounds or so, and the EAC-PRO is no exception. Box PCs are in essence just general-purpose PCs equipped with plenty of I/O. So depending on a box’s configuration, it can be used in all sorts of ways in areas such as factory floor HMI applications, vision systems, surveillance, signage, machine automation, medical imaging and many more. Note that while many embedded systems are designed and configured for very specific applications and come with just as much performance and I/O as is needed for the job, cubes are inherently multi-purpose and more flexible, providing plenty of performance and a whole gamut of I/O, and that applies to the Winmate EAC-PRO. Features 6th Generation Intel Xeon E3 or Core i7/i3 Processor HD 4K resolution and 4U Design Flexible, Multi-expansion I/O design High Storage Capacity 9-36V Wide Voltage -15 to 55 deg. Celcius for wide operating temperature

Winmate Industrial Multi-touch Open Frame Display : High Performing, Durable, and Sleek.

Март 27, 2017

Winmate has proved an industrial display can be sleek, fast, elegant, and simple to use. Winmate’s industrial monitor displays are fully-integrated for high performance with projected capacitive touch technology that allows the softest touch with multi-finger operation in an industrial-grade LCD with sleek and flush mounts. Our rugged, steel frames come with a highly durable, optional glass front surface with a full-range of screen sizes available (15″, 17″, 19″, 21.5″, and 24″). Winmate’s industrial open frame with multi-touch displays are ideal for point-of-sale transactions, outdoor signage, self-service kiosk system, building automation or an industrial machinery builder.

Winmate’s G-WIN Heavy-Duty Panel Computer: Concept and Testing

Март 3, 2017

Computers used in trucks, cranes, forklifts, military vehicles, factory assembly lines, and numerous other industrial and vehicular applications are very different from those that people carry around. These heavy-duty panel computers are mounted wherever they are needed and so that they are easily accessible while working. They must be tough and durable and vulnerable because they are tools for the job. They must be easy to use, their displays must be large enough and bright enough to see. Their user interface must be simple and reliable. Shock and Vibration Vehicle-mounts aren’t generally carried around and thus aren’t likely be dropped as will inevitably happen to handhelds and tablets. They will, however, be subjected to much more vibration and shock. That’s why the required ruggedness characteristics of a heavy-duty panel computer or Vehicle-mount computer are different from those of a rugged mobile system. Winmate’s heavy-duty G-WIN panels are clearly built to handle shock and vibration. They’ve been tested according to MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 Procedure I for functional shock (i.e. assessing physical integrity, continuity and functionality while installed), and Method 514.6 Procedure I for vibration (i.e. using vibration shakers are used for fixed vehicle mount simulation testing). Shock and vibration resistance are […]

Winmate’s Flat Multi-touch P-Cap Panel Mount PCs and Displays

Март 2, 2017

The true flat P-Cap Panel PC delivers superior readability with its true flat screen with P-Cap technology. Multi-touch capabilities and hardware options provide greater control and flexibility, making this rugged panel pc a reliable solution in a variety of scenario. Winmate 10.4” flat multi-touch was installed in the Unmanned “Open Libraries” to record library circulation.